AMERICAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT (“AR&D”) is a boutique real estate services company that has been active in various sectors of the real estate industry for over 30 years. AR&D has successfully engaged in real estate development, investment brokerage, property management, investment management, debt and equity finance, and consulting on behalf of its clients or for its own account. We have experience with a diverse array of real estate projects including hotels and resorts, timeshare, golf course, commercial, retail, residential and land located primarily in the western United States. Occasionally, AR&D has worked on offshore projects such as the first country club developed in Russia, and luxury resort development projects in Costa Rica and Bermuda.

“Exceeding expectations” is AR&D’s mission statement; however, “value-added” encapsulates our business philosophy. We are a small and agile enough company to be able to customize our services to closely match the needs and investment objectives of our clients. However, our team of experienced real estate professionals has the breadth of market knowledge, and extensive industry relationships, to be able to provide many of the same quality services as the much larger real estate services companies.

Please contact AR&D to explore how we may assist you to capitalize on an investment or development opportunity, acquire or dispose of a real estate investment, manage an existing property, maximize the value of a real estate investment, or secure debt or equity finance.


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