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Campanile Court
Campanile Court, 1122 University Avenue, Berkeley, California

The project at 1122 University Avenue in Berkeley was developed and built and fully permitted as a mixed use development comprising 220 bed and 81 residences, 3 work / live units, 5 commercial retail units, and 76 underground parking spaces, with a total square footage as follows:

Residences     69,781
Work / Live Units     4,675
Commercial Retail     4,665
Parking     22,924
Total     102,045

From on-site study spaces and intelligent resources, to a warm, close-knit community of good friends and entertainment options, Campanile Court provides the essential educational living environment necessary for growing the graduate workforce of tomorrow.

Nominated in 2011 as one of the premier spots for student living: 2011 Best Apartments in Berkeley Nominee.